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The small and very prestigious vault shop in Naples, founded by legendary Ciro Paone, favours traditional handicrafts and the finest fabrics. Kiton's suits and jackets are recognisable from the relaxed, natural shoulders that are sewn almost as delicately as shirt sleeves.


The manufacturer's uncompromising working methods are worth mentioning. Every suit jacket is ironed and pressed after each sewing process, that makes up to 50 times before the garment is ready. The Kiton jacket is ironed even after sewing the buttons.

It is also noteworthy that the Kiton ties are always seven fold, the most most complicated creations where the shape of the tie is made by folding the silk fabric and not support fabrics.

Fere represents Kiton as the sole distributor in the Nordic countries. In our selection you find suits, jackets and trousers, overcoats, shirts and accessories - and of course made-to-measure clothing.