Impeccable style with our made-to-measure service

Ice hockey players tend to say that you have to go to a pizzeria if you are thinking of pizza and to the goal if you want to score. Likewise, a gentleman should book an appointment from Fere made-to-measure service when one wants a perfectly fitted suit or a shirt.

The made-to-measure clothes are exactly the fit and size of their carrier, finalized with personal details. The customer chooses fabrics, lining fabrics, stitching and buttons according to their own tastes and preference. The garment fits perfectly, as it carefully takes into account each one’s body features.


Fere's professional in-house tailors will see the fitting and finish of suits, shirts, jackets, trousers and overcoats that are sewn in Italy. The garments from our made-to-measure service are not so called semi-finished products but uniquely cut and perfectly finished made-to-measure products without compromise. Highest quality and attention to detail is a priority at Fere's measuring service.

We offer made-to-measure shirts, suits, jackets, vests, overcoats and trousers.

Custom made clothing is available from the following top manufacturers:

The frontier of a light and relaxed Naples style and the best of the best in menswear. Kiton is best known for the Neapolitan shoulder. The best and finest fabrics meet traditional craftsmanship.

Oldest and the most distinguish maker of formal Roman style of suiting and classic style. No one makes a dark suit or business suit with the same authority as Brioni.

Pal Zileri
Particularly for the gentleman at the beginning of his career. The modern classics of Pal Zileri are full canvas suits but for a reasonable price.

Our own made-to-measure collection is sewn by an Italian family business with traditional work methods. The Fere suits are also full canvas suits and will serve for years when cared for properly.

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