The handmade bespoke suits sold at Fere come from BrioniIsaia and Pal Zileri.  We also carry tailored shirts by the British shirt maker Turnbull & Asser and by the Italian menswear designers Brioni, Isaia and Pal Zileri. 

In addition to bespoke suits, shirts, sports jackets and trousers, we also sell custom tailored overcoats, tuxedos, tailcoats and Jeans. 

Once you have settled on a suitable material from our wide range of fabrics, all required measurements are taken and adjusted with the help of a fitting suit. Details, such as the overall design of the suit, color of the lining, buttons, vents, pockets and so on, are all subject to a client’s personal preferences. However, our professionals provide assistance in building the perfect combination that fits your style. 

Taking the measurements and choosing a fabric requires some time, so please allow at least 30 minutes for your appointment. The finished suit is delivered to our store within 4 to 6 weeks from the first appointment, at which time we conduct the final fitting. If further alterations or adjustments are needed, our skilled tailors execute them on-site.

We take bespoke suit orders daily, all year round. In addition, twice a year we run a bespoke garment campaign where professional representative tailors from the brands we carry visit our store.

When wishing to order a bespoke suit, we recommend booking an appointment. However, we aim at having our tailor on-site during all opening hours. There is no ready-made substitute for a well-fitting and unique bespoke suit.



The final price is largely determined by the price of the fabric.
Starting prices below.


Pal Zileri 1 990 €
Isaia 2 690€
Brioni 4 595€
Kiton *


Pal Zileri 1 490€
Isaia 1 995€
Brioni 3 580€
Kiton *


Turnbull & Asser 435 €
Isaia 395 €
Brioni *
Kiton *


Brioni 450 €
Kiton *


Pal Zileri 2 100 €
Isaia 2 190 €
Brioni 4 180€
Kiton *

* Contact Madam Fere