Superb Quality for the Price

Fere was originally founded in 1949 on the west coast of Finland in the town of Rauma. However, it wasn’t until 1993 when the first Fere store was opened in Helsinki. This was followed by the launch of the Fere brand and label in 2006.

Our popular suits formed the first part of the collection, but today we also carry our own overcoats, sports jackets, trousers, shirts and accessories.

All Fere suits are manufactured by the Italian companies in Mantova and Sisily. We never compromise on the traditional suit making process, and therefore all of our suits are unfused and made of natural fibres. All year round, our standard selection features traditional Fere suits in graphite, navy and black, available also with two pairs of trousers. In addition to the basic collection, every season brings in various chequered and striped patterns.Fere shirts are the narrowest of all the shirts sold at our store.

Fere’s price-quality ratio is superb!